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  • Mystery shopping building brands

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  • Mystery shopping building brands

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About us

The Covert Company is a dedicated team of professionals striving to make your business the best it possibly can.

We are customer service driven and pride ourselves in mirroring ourselves into what you, would expect for your customers.

Anonymously critiquing an establishment in a natural manner.

What we offer

Mystery shopping service options

We design a customised survey to suit the client’s individual requirements or the client provides us with their own survey and we provide just the mystery shopper.

Scenario shopping

Our mystery shopper goes through an instore process with a staff member and critiques their performance i.e. Layby, Refund, Promotion/deal of the month.

Telephone Critiquing

Our mystery shoppers call the client over the phone using either the clients own specialised questionnaire or our customised  questionnaire adapted to suit the clients requirements.

Why Choose us ?

The Covert Company is results focused, we have over 20 years of customer service, hospitality industry experience on the front line and in management roles.

The Covert Company treats each client like its their only.

The Covert Company has passion, people skills and the desire to get you the best possible outcome.


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